20 Min Max

  • Variable UV spectrum and the SUN ANGEL sensor – that virtually eliminates the possibility of overexposure
  • Forty-six UV lamps and three Ultra Performance facial tanners with specialized UV-B lamps
  • Spaghetti lamp shoulder tanners
  • Temptronic climate control maintains the preferred temperature throughout the tanning session
  • Aqua Mist & Aroma for refreshing relaxation
  • Body Shape ergonomic base acrylic
  • 3D-sound system with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot for individual music enjoyment
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12 Min Max
Achieve a rich, golden tan in 3-5 sessions!!

  • Less than 1% UVB
  • Maintain desired color with 2-3 sessions per week
  • Achieve a deep, golden tan with only 3 sessions
  • Contains less than 1% UVB
  • High Pressure bed with 28 High Pressure UVA lamps
  • Great for fair skin

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